Call for Papers: Roma Migration and Mobility

Increasing numbers of studies provide data-rich descriptions of Roma migration in Europe, although most of these fail to look at the subject from a theoretical and interdisciplinary perspective. Taking into account the agency of Roma migrants, their perceptions and aspirations, this call invites researchers to submit theoretical contributions to the field from different disciplines. We are especially interested in papers that link a micro-level understanding of migration-related decisions and trajectories to macro-level trends in social transformation through an analysis of the social dynamics of the migration process.  
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Call for Papers: Europeanization and Changes in Minority Inclusion in Central and Eastern Europe


It is widely acknowledged that two decades of “Europeanization”—conceived as both the physical expansion of the European Union and the diffusion of European norms and practices—have had a profound influence on ethnic relations. Although the pacifying impact of European integration in post-communist Europe is widely acknowledged, significant questions remain open about the future of peaceful and democratic interethnic relations.  The scope of this special issue is to provide a framework for scholars to discuss the specific ways in which conditions for minority inclusion have changed in Central and Eastern Europe.  We conceive of political and social boundary-making as intertwined in significant ways, requiring scholars to bridge research agendas and pool resources in an effort to tackle the complexity of questions involving minority inclusion.  We believe the journal Intersections provides an ideal venue for this approach, given its mission to open space for scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and create linkages among scholars in diverse regions.

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Call for Papers: Human rights in the EU’s conditionality policy towards enlargement countries in the Western Balkans

Western Balkan states have been in the focus of European foreign policy for the last two and a half decades, from the Yugoslav wars to the asylum seekers arriving through the Balkan route. Both the most recent and the upcoming EU accessions concern countries from the region, which is why the EU’s engagement is central for the future of this region.  
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General Call

Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (IEEJSP) is now accepting original research papers across the disciplines of political science, sociology, social anthropology and minority studies.  
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