Call for Papers for a Thematic Issue. Karl Polányi—Here and Now

Posted Date: 2015-10-26
Expiry Date: 2016-01-01

Karl Polányi—Here and Now

Call for Papers for a Thematic Issue of Intersections


Famous for his double theses that economic realities cannot be understood solely through the lens of “self-regulating markets” and that economic systems integrated under the hegemony of markets spell complete disaster for social life, Karl Polányi’s work has served as basis for a profound critique of mainstream economics and a foundation for both economic sociology and economic anthropology. The 2008 global crisis of the neoliberal order, alongside post-1989 developments in post-state-socialist societies, spectacularly failed to match neoliberal expectations. The upswing and continued global success of South Korea, Japan and the “small tigers,” as well as (at least nominally socialist) China further thematize Polányi’s key ideas about the significance of economic integration beyond the’market.” A series of high-profile, innovative new books testify to continued interest in Polányi’s work.

Globally viewed as a recognizably (east-)central European scholar, Polányi’s life and work are of continued inspiration for scholars of this part of the world.

We are pleased to invite authors to engage in a discussion of the contemporary relevance of Karl Polányi’s work. We are especially interested in contributions that foreground the germaneness of his work to (east-)central Europe.

The deadline of the submission of the papers is 15 December 2015.

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