Extended Deadline: Argumentative Patterns in Law

Posted Date: 2022-01-06
Expiry Date: 2022-06-30

Over the last two decades, two main currents seem to have emerged in the field of argumentation research. On the one hand, the traditional theory of argumentative fallacies is being challenged, with specific types of arguments being examined and interpreted as 'weak arguments' rather than logical flaws or illegitimate moves. On the other hand, the emergence of data mining and computer-based argumentation models also made the empirical study of everyday argumentation patterns and practices considerably easier. In our thematic issue, we seek to publish research that applies insights from these trends to the empirical study of legal reasoning.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • the tension between weak arguments and the practice of legal reasoning: whether and under what circumstances specific types of 'flawed' legal reasoning are considered acceptable, and why they are accepted more in legal reasoning than elsewhere;
  • the relationship between specific types of argumentative fallacies and types of cognitive bias;
  • the promises and limits of quantitative research in the study of legal argumentation;
  • the argumentative conditions of ’success’ in legal debates: whether there are argumentative patterns that have a better chance of being accepted.

We invite submissions that address these and related themes from different methodological backgrounds (with a particular preference for empirically grounded research) and with regard to particular institutional settings and the contexts in which they are embedded. Abstracts of 300 words describing the main question(s) and finding(s) of the paper, together with the applied methodology, and a short CV should be submitted by 30 June, 2022 to the Editors (lorincz.viktor.oliver@tk.hu and konczol.miklos@tk.hu). Authors will be notified by 2 May. The deadline for submitting the final papers is 30 September. The issue is scheduled for publication early 2023.

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