Call for Papers: Roma Migration and Mobility

Posted Date: 2017-02-11
Expiry Date: 2018-02-07

Increasing numbers of studies provide data-rich descriptions of Roma migration in Europe, although most of these fail to look at the subject from a theoretical and interdisciplinary perspective. Taking into account the agency of Roma migrants, their perceptions and aspirations, this call invites researchers to submit theoretical contributions to the field from different disciplines. We are especially interested in papers that link a micro-level understanding of migration-related decisions and trajectories to macro-level trends in social transformation through an analysis of the social dynamics of the migration process.


The goal of this special issue is thus to develop the theoretical field, providing for a systematic explanatory account of Roma migration and its embeddedness in broader processes of social change. A further aim is to expand the scope of observations on Roma migration beyond the isolation of Romani Studies and incorporate research about other migrant groups of different ethnic background.


We call for the submission of empirically informed and theoretically grounded papers that explore any of the following topics (the list of topics is not exhaustive; similar research that meets the above-described goals is also welcome):


-       Roma migration and mobility as a historically embedded, dynamic process, part of global social change;

-       Intersections between spatial and social mobility and different patterns of migration trajectories;

-       Local governance of Roma migrants in different geographical settings;

-       Mechanisms, agents, and the impact of anti-Gypsyism on the life of transnational Roma diasporas;

-       Transnational lives/families in migrant Roma diaspora

-       Changing interethnic (Roma and non-Roma majority) relations in a transnational context

-       Interethnic relations between newcomer Central and East European Roma and other ethnic minorities in the receiving countries


Submission Guidelines:

Deadline for abstract submission:  31 March 2017

Word limit: 8000 words

Deadline for full papers: 30 July 2017


Editors: Veronika Nagy, Utrecht University

Judit Durst, UCL