Inter-ethnic Relations and Bounding Agency

The Social Space of Study Guidance and Counselling


  • Mira Kalalahti University of Helsinki

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European countries are being urged to reform their educational systems to enhance the integration of migrant populations. In many respects, migrant-origin pupils still lack equal educational opportunities in Finland despite the targeted practices and support. This article concerns the inter-ethnic interaction taking place in study guidance and counselling in the final year of Finnish comprehensive school. It poses a question ‘how do young people construct their educational identities in classroom-level interactions in a multi-ethnic class’? The mixed methods research setting offers two sets of data: selective observation (two events) and life-span interviews (n = 8). The outcomes portray how multi-ethnic school classes open opportunities and supportive bridges for the pupils to contact other ethnicities. Nevertheless, the inter-ethnic interaction was also layered with societal hierarchies which constructed and bounded pupils’ ethnic and educational identities. Finally, the article emphasises the opportunities that the locality offers to the schools.




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Kalalahti, M. 2020. Inter-ethnic Relations and Bounding Agency: The Social Space of Study Guidance and Counselling. Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics. 5, 4 (Mar. 2020). DOI:



Ethnic Integration and Interethnic Relations in Schools